Text Box: We performs, at the Customerís facilities, the following activities in order to assess the physical, chemical and performance degradation of the munitions:
visual external inspection of stored munitions; 
disassembling of samples with inspection of each component (cartridge case, primer, propellant, HE projectile, etc.);
stability test for each propellant lot (assessment of residual stabilizer) before and after artificial ageing for predictive stability  assessment;
firing tests, with assessment of performance for primer, propellant, fuze and muzzle velocity measurement;
Ammo renewal activities, if required, with restoration of ammo boxes and marking and, where necessary, fuze replacement.
and moreover, on the job  training for the Customerís ISS Teams.
Text Box: In this field the Italian Ballistics Agency performs the following activities: 
drawing up of contractual technical specifications;
review of contractual technical specifications in order to verify that all the requirements, necessary to define the contractual object, have been considered;
checking that the technical specifications do not contain requirements non consistent with the reality;
monitoring of the activities plan related to a contract in execution;
supervision of fabrication line and acceptance tests requested by the contract;
technical support for Quality Assurance.
Text Box: The Italian Agency for Ballisticsis is available to give Courses, Lessons and Tutorials on the theme below cited  (the information management will be conform to the laws on the classified information):
preparation aimed to the exam to verify the suitability for the  exercise of the "fochino" job, art. 8 italian law 110/75;
preparation aimed to the exam for the release of the licence for manufacturing, repairing and possession of arms and possession, transportation and handling of explosive (art 102 of Italian law  T.U.L.P.S.);
National and International rules (Stanag NATO, Mil-Std, ecc.)
artillery and related munitions; 
logistic management of munitions (handling, transportation and storage);
characteristics of pyrotechnical laboratories, ammunitions depot and their management;
arrangement and execution of experimental pyrotechnical activities;
Safety and Suitability for Service;
Simulation of explosion.
Text Box: We perform the following activities:
design of pyrotechnical laboratories and ammunition depots;
design of small arms shooting ranges;
design of technical plants: electrical, air compressing, protection against lighting discharge,  air conditioning, anti fire plants, lift systems;
definition of means and equipments necessary to set up a fabrication line;
definition of teams with tasks and responsabilities for each worker; 
definition and preparation of work procedures in line with the current regulations;
technical support during the qualification process of the fabrication line and production if required.
Text Box: In this field the activities carried out are:
analysis of a troublesome and definition of possible solutions;
evaluation on the possibility to realize technically an idea;
technical investigation in order to define the technical causes that have produced a failure or a mishap and the related responsabilities;
law investigation in order to detect explosive's nature;
law investigation to define the right configuration of an explosive item;
evaluation on an explosive item's safety conditions;
bi and tridimensional simulation of explosions (in air, in water and in the ground) in order to verify its effectiveness on target or, on the contrary, the resistance of a structure versus an explosion.
Text Box: In the Logistics branch, the activities carried out by the Agency are the followings:
definition of the correct procedures to transport safely a weapon or an explosive item, design of containers ADR compliant included;
Human Engeenering's studies;
definition of the correct procedures to manage depots;
definition of the procedures to perform material handling of explosive items safely and in according to current rules;
definition and planning of the necessary logistic support to keep up a program for efficiency maintenance, development of the relevant software included; 
critic examination of law/rules relevant for transport, handling and storage of weapons and explosive items;
software definition and development for managing the configuration and the technical documentation of items containing explosive.
Text Box: In the Demilitarizations field, the activities carried out by the Agency are the followings: 
identification of the technical design requirements that a new item has to meet so as it can be designed and made taking into account its easy demil;
definition of the activities to be carried out in order to demil and disposal old objects;
definition of the logistic policy for those old items not technically disposable;
evaluation of laws and regulations relevant for the demil and disposal;
Preparation of step by step instructions in order to set up the demil workshop line;
Disassembling of artillery ammunition with differentiation of the different type of material and disposal of the propellant; Customerís team on the job training included, if required.
Text Box: Our activities are:
reviewing of laws and regulations connected with Weapon Systems and any item containing explosive;
preparation of the necessary documentation in case  a new regulation is to be proposed;
verification that a system or an item is conform to the law requirements.
In the branch of NATO concept of Safety and Suitability for Service we took part in the preparation of Stanags; our skills are: 
critic examination of law and regulations relevant for the definition of qualification plans;
definition of qualification plans;
analysis of a qualification plan's experimental feasibility and supporting of Customer's resourches from a technical and organizational point of view.

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Appraisals and Feasibility with simulation of explosions

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The Italian Agency for Ballistics provides services in the field of design, study and advisory to Nations and Industries with regard to all those technical and regulatory problems that have an impact on the safety, efficiency, vulnerability and quality level of weapon systems, ammunition and all those devices containing explosive, items for civilian purposes included; our skills:


Ammo In Service Surveillance (ISS)

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Text Box: The Italian Agency for Ballistics performs environmental impact studies for any item containing explosive: munitions, missile, torpedo, fireworks, ecc., the activity is carried out:
analyzing the System under examination with a documental approach and evaluating all the possible impact that the System may have on the environment in all the life cycle;
evaluating the most suitable chemical analysis to be performed and defining the relevant trial setup and necessary equipment;
evaluating the trials result;
providing a Final Report with indication of risks for environment and people produced by the specific environment impacts and pointing out possible measures for risk reduction.
Text Box: In this field the activities performer by the Agency are applicable both to Systems/Item and workshops:
as far as Systems are concerned the analysis is executed fully compliant with Safety Management methodologies provided by UK Minister of Defense Def-Std 0056 and by NATO AOP-15 with setting up of the relevant Safety Case employing GSN notation (Goal Structuring Notation);
As far as workshop are concerned the analysis is performer fully compliant with Italian Laws (Testo Unico Sicurezza 81/08 and other rules applicable to the case under examination), risk of explosion included.

Threats Analysis and Risks Asssessment

Environmental Impact Assessment

Text Box: Quality Management System 
ISO 9001:2008#